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Welcome to the Christchurch Football Club

"Oldest New Zealand Football Club"

The Christchurch Football Club, with its home at Christchurch Park, has played the game we now know as rugby longer than any other club in New Zealand and is the second oldest in the world after Blackheath.

We have had 32 All Blacks from our club since it was founded in 1863 and is the oldest football club in New Zealand. We have produced All Blacks and contributed to winning provincial teams for over 115 years.

The Christchurch Football Club is situated within the Christchurch Park Accomodation, Function and Events Centre on Westminster Street.

The Christchurch Park complex is conveniently located near the Christchurch city centre, and is close to a number of major sporting venues including Burwood Park, Cowles Stadium, Cuthberts Green, Hagley Park, and Rugby Park.


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