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inTouch Newsletter - 26 April 2018

Hi Club Member
Welcome to this edition of In Touch. 

Bob's Word

I was rushed to hospital early on Tuesday morning after choking on my toast. I was reading the ‘5 mins of silence’ when I came across the headline ‘Mayor says Stadium is now a priority and favours expediting the project’. Holy mackerel, what a revelation after years of bloody nothing.’Wakie, wakie Council. Now get off your fat beau acratic arses and start doing something, and for god’s sake not a joint stadium as they are not compatible. Put a roof on it, make it big enough and start the bulldozers.

Speaking of bulldozers, that’s what Div. One did to the jersey pullers, who to be totally honest, are our arch enemies, very similar to NZ v Australia. We smashed them, but for once it was good to see a couple of their supporters back in our club as we haven’t seen any for years. Darryl Park, went to the right school, but played for the wrong club. Anyway Parkie is as about as good as ‘jersey puller’ as you’ll find. I also spotted ‘Paddy’ Blanchfield in the distance.

Some things you know continue to bamboozle we middle aged but very knowledgeable rugby followers. Another newspaper headline “Blues Boss backs Umaga”. How? No wonder they continue to be the laughing stock of NZ rugby. Can’t they work out that if you continue to do much of the same thing, then you’ll get the same result! Hello, surely the definition of insanity. I mean these guys aren’t even improving. The rumour has it the ARU has a major culture problem.

To conclude, although we all love the Crusaders and Canterbury Rugby and we are ‘dyed in the wool’ red and blacks, if the CRFU don’t pull their fingers out and start cutting costs, and stop playing lip service to grassroots rugby then they will go the same way as their northern cousins, and very quickly. The arrogance in which they treat club footie is disgusting and cannot be allowed to continue
As you can tell, I am on fire. In the meantime, see you all Saturday.
Give em the Axe


Personal Plea from Pete Smith

Detailed below is a personal message from longstanding CFC member Pete Smith on behalf of his family and particularly his daughter in law Millie.

This is just to let you all know that my Daughter in Law, Millie who is married to my “number one” Son, Michael, is currently in a ‘battle for her life', the prognosis is that time is running out for her and as you will see I have copied Millie’s own words regards her history.

At present there is a drug available but Pharmac, after many requests from Millie are refusing to make it available to her.

The treatment is broken down to TWO courses of the drug, at a cost of $40,000 PER COURSE.

I’m reaching out to you to see if there is anyway you may be able to support the Cure for Millie, Give a Little Page.
Any assistance you may be able to see your way clear to give, would be truly appreciated.

Please be aware that goods and services are as good as money at present as we will be able to redeem them for cash.

If you are unable to help I thank you for taking the time to read this post and would like to think you could spare a thought for what Millie and family are going through at this very emotional time.

This represents a tremendous strain on all involved hence the reason for my comments.
Many of you will be aware Michael lost his Mother to cancer when he was thirteen years of age.
Now the dreadful “curse’ that cancer is, has come back into his life.
I thank you in anticipation.
Pete Smith, on behalf of Millie and Mike.

Millie has a rare kidney cancer. She is fighting to fundraise for a drug that may save her life. Follow her journey and please help fund a Cure for Millie

Millie Smith is 37 years old. She is a sister, a daughter, a wife, a primary school teacher and she has terminal kidney cancer. It’s a rare cancer, and made rarer by Millie’s gender, the fact she has never smoked, and the fact she’s young and healthy. In November 2015, after a 5 year battle with this horrid disease, Millie was told she was terminal. Since then, there’s been surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and more hospital visits than Millie cares to think about.

When diagnosed with terminal cancer, Millie didn’t give up! She carried on teaching, and started to tick off her bucket list. She got fit and completed the challenging Coast to Coast race, and ran half marathons. Throughout chemo side effects, tumours being drained and multiple health complications, she’s been fighting for her life, fighting for the right to live her life as normal as possible. Giving up has never been an option.

2 years ago Pharmac approved an immunotherapy drug called Nivolumab, (Opdivo). Unfortunately Pharmac only agreed to fund this life-saving drug for all non-small cell lung cancer and melanoma. With latest case studies showing promising results with her own cancer, Millie applied for compassionate consideration, only to be rejected by Pharmac. But when there is hope you have to try so we need your help to fund it!

The treatment costs a lot. Approximately $80,000. That’s a lot of money. We need money, because money buys us Opdivo, and Opdivo is hope. Hope that Millie will live. Hope that she can continue to do what she loves, and teaches. Hope that her and her husband can grow old together, share a lifetime of love.

Club Captains Corner

Not a bad start to the season with Div.2, Colts Alpha, Div. 3, and the Women’s team all currently unbeaten. What other club could show that record after three games into the season.
Great credit must go to Mike O’Donovan and all the coaches in preparing team’s preseason.

Talking of preparing teams, one person who goes about his business unnoticed is Duncan Trevella. Duncan has put in many hours of work preseason getting a considerable squad up to speed with their fitness, and it was quite noticeable what he has done in particular with the Div. 1 squad with their tough start to the season. Hanging on for 10 minutes against a determined University and then finishing strongly against Old Boys last week.

This week has seen a celebration of Golden Oldies rugby with the Christchurch Gentlemen participating. Tony Hussey (Bones) has put a lot of time in making this a success for the members of this team, and with the support of the Axemen providing uniforms, I understand it thus far has been a great week for all participants. No known injuries, or marital breakups at time of writing. I cannot be sure how the Canardly’s will fare this weekend, as a lot of them are involved, and come Saturday the stretcher bearers might be working overtime. Not so much from a rugby viewpoint, but more a health issue.

Great to see Scott Cartwright ex All Black at the Club on Saturday and   Warren Thompson who last played for the club in 1953.

Craig Calder, Life Member and now CEO of Sth Canterbury Rugby was also in attendance.

Some may argue that sport should not be played on ANZAC Day, however I am of the opposite view. You cannot compare sport and war, however what you can compare is the passion and dedication that are required in both.

Sport takes the same amount of heart. You have got the competition, and it’s a battle. Obviously there are much more serious consequences in war and it is a much more serious topic. However you have the same type of person out there wanting to win.

One of the moving aspects of having visited Gallipoli two years ago was the number of gravestones showing the age of fallen NZ soldiers 17 and 18 years old. When I see the young lads in our Colts teams it is hard to comprehend.

Sport to me is a way of celebrating what those who gave their lives in war allowed us the opportunity to do.

Thought for the week:
“Do what has to be done, when it has to be done, as well as it can be done”
Every good wish to all teams this weekend.
Thank you to all our sponsors throughout the whole club.

New Raffle

CFC is proud to announce our latest fundraiser. 'Doubles' is a game involving raffle tickets that contain a hidden number which relate to both the home and away teams of a predetermined rugby 'match of the week'.

If the numbers on your ticket match the first point scorer of each team then you are the winner!  Note your ticket must have the first point’s scorer of each team in order to win the prize.  If one of the teams fails to score any points by the end of the match then the first points scorer defaults to the hooker (#2) of that team.

Doubles will be held every Saturday at the CFC clubrooms and the match of the week will be advertised in the clubs weekly newsletter. 

Ticket cost: $2

Weekly Prize: $100 cash!

If you would like to hear more about this please speak to either Steven Bree or Kyle Brewer at the CFC clubrooms on Saturday evenings.

Duty Roster

April 28 - Geoff Barclay Grounds, Red Socks, Duty Team
May 05 - Mike O'Donovan Grounds, Canardly's/ Heroes, Duty Team

Points Table
Standings Tables as at 26 April 2018
  Played Won Lost Drew Points For Points Against Bonus Points Total Points Place in Comp
Div 1 4 2 1 1 135 87 3 13 5th
Div 2 3 3     106 51 3 15 Ist
Colts Alpha 2 2     110 46 2 10 Ist=
Div 3 3 3     90 63 3 15 Ist
Red Socks 3 2 1   128 56 2 10 2nd =
Canardlys 2 1 1   14 53   4 6th
Womens 3 3     152 41 3 15 Ist
Heroes 3   3   0 333   0 9th

Premier (Div. 1) Team Report by Glenn Matthews 21/04/2018


Christchurch kept their unbeaten start to the season intact after securing, what was eventually, a comfortable 59-7 win against HSOB.

The Red and Blacks ran in nine tries in the rout while first-five Dan Dorgan was successful with seven of his nine attempts.

It was a scrappy start to the match with Old Boys dominating possession and territory for the opening ten minutes, turning down two comfortable attempts at penalties in search for a try, however they were unable to execute.

The physios for both sides were kept busy early, the physical nature of the game taking its toll with a few earlier than expected forced substitutions.

With the penalty count heavily against the home side struggled to find opportunities but once they got one they made the most of it to open the scoring after 27mins through centre, Jack Griffith.

With five minutes remaining until half-time Griffith had a second try after a fantastic pick up and pass from a loose ball by Dallas McLeod to double the lead after more than a dozen phases inside the Old Boys 22.

The dominance of the Christchurch scrum was evident when they scored from an old-fashioned pushover right on half-time. It did however come at the second time of trying.
The first attempt saw Old Boys going backwards. The referee probably blew his whistle a little early awarding Christchurch a penalty rather than an advantage. Smelling blood, they decided to go again and were rewarded after the scrum wheeled a little bit, but not before No.8 Kieran Coll was able to pick it up and crash over.

Leading 21-0 at the break may have been a little misleading to some. Christchurch were on the wrong end of a 9-5 penalty count, and with much of play being inside their own half however the difference was, Christchurch took their opportunities.

Any thought of a comeback was put to bed within ten second half minutes with tries to Henry Scott and Zach McKay.

On the hour mark Christchurch brought up 40 points when McLeod crossed after a brilliant pick up from Matt Etheredge from a loose ball.

Old Boys had a consolation try with 15min to play when a rare second half error from the home side just outside their own 22 allowed Aron Elnersson to score next to the posts.
The final 10mins saw Christchurch run in another three tries with both locks, skipper Chris Mason and Tucker both being rewarded with tries after strong performances. Hugh Renton also crossed for the home side.

For Christchurch it was Tucker and Mason, who dominated at lineout time and managed to win no less than half a dozen lineouts on the Old Boys throw that stood out. Tim Emery lived up to the “impact player off the bench” saying. He made several line breaks in his time on the field, looking dangerous every time he had the ball. Griffith and McLeod also formed a formidable combination in midfield for the home side.

CHRISTCHURCH 59 (Jack Griffith 2, Kieran Coll, Zach McKay, Henry Scott, Dallas McLeod, Brad Tucker, Hugh Renton, Chris Mason tries, Dan Dorgan 7conv) beat OLD BOYS 7 (Aron Elnersson try, Jarod Percival conv). HT 21-0.

Premier (Div. 1) Team Report by Glenn Matthews 25/04/2018


Christchurch have tasted defeat for the first time in the Hawkins Cup Division One 2018 season and in the process have handed the DCL Shield to Sydenham after a 35-27 loss at Christchurch Park in the ANZAC Day match.

The Red and Blacks, not for the first time this season, were forced to end the game with less than the full compliment of players after their prop Kaholo Otutaha received his marching orders with 30min to play after a second yellow card was given to him.

A concern for the Christchurch management team will be the fact that they have been on the wrong end of the penalty count every match so far this campaign.

Sydenham started well dominating possession and territory in the early stages and led 6-0 through two Jack McLeod penalties.

Christchurch got their hands on the ball for the first time in the match after eight minutes and came curtesy of a penalty on halfway.

As he has done all season, skipper Chris Mason, backed his team’s set plays and opted to kick to touch for an attacking lineout inside the 22.

This paid off again, after half a dozen phases Christchurch spun the ball wide to the right creating an overlap for wing, Henry Scott to dot down in the corner.

Ten minutes later and almost an exact replica of the first try, only mirrored as hooker, Hamish Kilpatrick scored in the left corner to give the home side a lead for the first time in the match.

On the half hour Otutaha was given a yellow card for a swinging arm which appeared to be a retaliation to something that happened. Despite the yellow card, Christchurch were still awarded the penalty.

When faced with adversity the Christchurch side just seem to grow another leg and they had a third try when Brad Tucker broke through four would-be tacklers to score next to the posts.

McLeod added a third penalty on the stroke of half-time bringing the visitors back within eight points.

The first 15min of the second spell well and truly belonged to Sydenham as they had two tries, the first a penalty try after 20+ phases on the Christchurch goal-line. The penalty try also resulted in Otutaha being given his marching orders after receiving his second caution leaving the home team with 14 players for half an hour.

Just before the hour, Brad Wang knocked over a penalty to bring Christchurch back within a point, then impact player, Hugh Renton crashed over under the posts with 15min remaining. The conversion from Wang had Christchurch ahead by six.

The final 10min was all Sydenham as the Christchurch defence started to look a little tired. A Milford Keresoma try, and Jake Wakeling conversion put the visitors back in front by a solitary point before a 78th minute try from Judah Gawith put the result beyond doubt. Wakeling then rubbed salt into the wound by kicking the conversion ensuring the home side missed out on a second bonus point.

Christchurch will look to bounce back this weekend when they take on a struggling Marist-Albion at Edgar Mac from 2.45pm on Saturday.

CHRISTCHURCH 27 (Henry Scott, Hamish Kilpatrick, Brad Tucker, Hugh Renton tries, Dan Dorgan conv, Brad Wang conv, pen) lost to SYDENHAM 35 (Penalty Try, Derek Stowers, Judah Gawith. Milford Keresoma tries, Jack McLeod 3pen, Jake Wakeling 2conv)


Premier Reserve (Div.2) Match Report

Played HSOB at Christchurch Park 1
Won 27-7
Will Duncan 3 tries,
Matt Brabazon 1 try
Ben Cooper 2 conversions,
1 penalty

Player of the day: Will Duncan

Old Boys, who were sitting second on the table posed a threat, and with a few players out, we needed others to stand up. Reuben Buzzard, having his first start at 6, had a strong all round game. He was aggressive in the tackle and throwing some great long passes from the base of the ruck.

Henry Taylor, our forwards coach, donned the playing jersey for the first time in two seasons after having suffered a serious injury which has curtailed his playing career. He made a great fist of the No 8 role in the absence of Jordan Jackett.

Captain Luke de Beus, leading from the front as he usually does, making some great runs in open play and aggressive in all his work around the field.

In this area and thanks to those three named players, we dominated Old Boys in the first half and had a handy 20-0 lead at half time after playing with the wind. Three tries were scored during this period, two to Will Duncan who had an outstanding game.

His first, an opportunist one after Old Boys failed to clear a scrambling ball behind their line, the second after a good weaving run by full back Henry Bithray from half way which found Will in support and with some work to do still.  The third try came after a number of rucks near the Old Boys line and George McLean, the half back, threw a superb pass 20 metres cutting out two players and finding Matt Brabazon alone on the left hand touch. A deserved try after we had applied a lot of pressure.

The first period of the second half we completely dominated Old Boys and could have had more points on the board had it not been for a couple of errors after Ben Armagh and Henry Bithray had both made good runs.

Again the scrum was very strong and Old Boys had no answer. Will Duncan capped off his best performance in a red and black jersey with a great individual effort from 30 metres out when he went on his own on a weaving run and scored under the bar.

The second period of the half became a bit scrappy as substitutions were made and Old Boys pressed strongly for the last 15 minutes and were rewarded with a try under the posts with 10 minutes to go. Our defence however stood up well during this period.

We are thrilled to come away with maximum points in our first three games as confidence builds and combinations are formed.

Marist Albion away next week on the worst ground in Christchurch, Sth Hagley Park.

Thank you to our sponsors
Novus Auto Glass (Mike James) Speights Alehouse Bealey and Peter Fulton, CSI Drug Testing.

”We run until we’re buggered and then increase the pace.

”Give em the Axe


Colts Alpha Match Report  by Glenn Matthews


Four tries in the opening ten minutes set the Christchurch Colts side up for an impressive 55-26 win against Old Boys at Bob Deans.

No.8 Mathew Taula Fili has now scored five tries in two games after scoring a hat-trick, while Elliott Smith scored a double. Declan McCormack, Rico Syme, Nathan Evans and Mitch Regan also crossed while Burns Mills kicked five conversions, including a couple from the sideline.

It took just two minutes for Christchurch to cross. Prop, George Mirfin busted through the Old Boys line in midfield eventually being cut down after a 40m run. Christchurch recycled, and it was Smith who was end the end of the line to touch down.

Almost immediately from the kick-off a clearing kick was dropped by the Old Boys fullback on halfway and popped straight into the hands of flanker, Declan McCormack who sprinted away to score untouched.

Taula Fili topped off an extraordinary opening ten minutes from Christchurch by scoring twice in the space of two minutes which saw the Colts side with a bonus point already and racking up two and a half points a minute.

Old Boys answered back after ten minutes of trying, and many errors, when their winger used an inside sidestep to score midway through the half.

Christchurch answered back again five minutes later when Syme scored in the corner after a good run from Mills saw him pulled down just a couple of metres short of the line.

Straight after the break Old Boys went in again through their centre but Christchurch put the game to bed with two more tries through Smith and Evans to lead 45-14 going into the final ten minutes.

Those final minutes had as many points scored as the opening stanza with both teams scoring two more tries each.

You could flick a coin for player of the match between second-five Elliott Smith and flanker Declan McCormack. Smith was devastating in midfield, scored two tries, had a hand in several more, and made plenty of yards. McCormack was also strong scoring a try and being involved in a couple more. George Mirfin also had a strong game in the front row.

Mathew Taula Fili deserves another mention as well, scoring a hat trick and making plenty of yardage.

CHRISTCHURCH 55 (Mathew Taula Fili 3, Elliott Smith 2, Rico Syme, Declan McCormack, Nathan Evans, Mitch Regan tries, Burns Mills 5conv) beat OLD BOYS 26. HT 31-7.

CFC Netball


Was This Team Canterbury’s Best Ever?
The 1951 Canterbury team won 12 of their 14 matches. An All Black team that year were undefeated on an 11 match tour of Australia. Only two Canterbury players, Bob Duff and Tommy Lynch were in that side.
However, the team’s claim to fame is that on a number of occasions that season, the following XV was played…ALL of whom were or became All Blacks:
1. Peter Eastgate
2. Dennis Young
3. Garth Bond
4. Nelson Dalzell
5. Bob Duff (CFC)
6. Tiny Hill (CFC)
7. Kevin Meates
8. Bob Stuart
9. Pat Vincent (c)
10. John Hotop (CFC)
11. Ross Smith (CFC)
12. Tommy Lynch
13. Allan Elsom
14. Morrie Dixon
15. Kevin Stuart.
 Contributed by Jerry Rowberry
Results 21 April 2018

Premier (Div 1) 59 v HSOB 7 ***CFC retained the DCL Shield

Premier Reserve (Div 2) 27 v HSOB 7

Senior (Div 3) 33 v Belfast 29 ***CFC retained the DCL Shield

Colts Alpha 55 v HSOB   26 ***CFC retained the DCL Shield

Colts Red Socks 22 v Boys High 2nd XV 49

Heroes 0 v Suburbs plenty

Canardlys 0 v Sydenham  43

Women 113 v Kaiapoi 7 ***CFC retained the DCL Shield

Results 25 April 2018

Premier 27 v Sydenham  35

Draw 28 April 2018

Premier v Marist Albion at Edgar McIntosh 1 at 2.45pm ***DCL Shield Challenge

Premier Reserve v Marist Albion at South Hagley 3 at 1pm 

Senior v Otautahi at Bower 1 at 1.00pm ***Challenge Shield Match

Colts Alpha v Lincoln University at CFC at 1pm ***Challenge Shield Match

Colts Red Socks v University at Ilam 2 at 2.45pm

Canardlys v Belfast Munchers at Sheldon 1 at 2.45pm

Heroe’s v Burnside Blackadders at Burnside 4 at 2.45pm

Women v HSOB at CFC at 2.45pm ***Challenge Shield Match   

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