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Junior Rugby

2019 Junior Rugby

First Name Surname Role Cell Phone Number
Dan O'Sullivan Chairman 027 8895840
Louise Boyd Committee 021 02688092
Nicola Flint Committee 021 906833
Kelvin  Forbes Committee 022 4248100
Andrew Gregory Committee 021 2016502
Hunter Johnston Committee 027 2982666
Louise Boyd Committee 021 02688092
KC Muir Committee 021 949887
Keri Page-Kreis Committee 027 5062655
Vicki O'Sullivan Committee 021 822981
Paul Saunders Committee 021 502863
Robert Steel Committee 022 0435907



The 2019 Rugby season of volunteer committee members who will be ensuring the smooth running of the Junior Section of CFC.

If you are interested in coaching, managing or assisting with the running of the junior club we would love to hear from you.

Thank you

CFC Junior Committee

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